sweet leilani

pikake • pohole fern

Evokes the sweet, sultry scent of the white pikake blossom on a warm summer night balanced with earthy fern moss.

makena desert

cactus flower • coconut

A green take on fresh and floral. Inspired by the prickly pear cactus of Makena in South Maui. Notes of lemon, bergamot and flowering succulents.


island style rainbow

guava • sun soaked hibiscus • fig

Reminiscent of sunkissed days in Hawai’i. This fragrance combines the freshness of citrus & tropical fruits with warm bottom notes of fig, Tahitian passionfruit & guava.

sugar n' shave ice

island fruit • sugar cane

A bright fragrance that opens with notes of coconut palms, pineapple, papaya, guava, and pomegranate. It is rounded out with sugarcane and sandalwood.


little grass shack

upcountry avocado • grassy mint

This bar is invigorating, fresh & green like the air in upcountry Maui. Notes of avocado, grassy mint, zucchini, garden cucumber, blackberry & citrus.

mauka rain

bamboo rainforest • sea moss

Imagine the fresh, green scent of rain on tropical jungle leaves & bamboo stalks in Hana’s rainforest. It is balanced with notes of kelp and sea moss.



sea salt • surf

This fragrance is reminiscent of coastal living & the saltwater life. The scent of saltwater and citrus zests rounded out by warm notes of driftwood.

beach bohemian

sea kelp • sandalwood • agave

A fresh & intriguing blend of sea kelp, agave, ocean breeze, sparkling bergamot citrus, and soothing sandalwood.