I’m Sheri from Lahaina!

The founder and creative director of Saltwater Buddha Maui. Let’s make this salty but sweet... In 2012, my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 CLL leukemia. Our kids, Kai and Kahealani were just 7 & 5 years old. It seemed that nothing healed us more than being in the saltwater & canoe paddling.

It was also during this time that I was taught by one of the keiki canoe coaches how to meditate. The saltwater & the meditation helped in healing our mind, body & soul. After my husband passed in 2015, it was these 2 things that continued to heal us. About a year later, that coach who taught me how to meditate, became the new love in my life! Over the summer of 2018, he thought it would be fun to make soap together as a family! It felt so good to create! The kids had a blast & my daughter with autism was so happy. She loves to cook & making soap is similar.

After losing a husband to cancer & having a daughter with autism, we began researching how to make soap without harmful toxins. With the support & encouragement from my boyfriend, Saltwater Buddha was born. It represents the blending of our love & new family. It was created out of happiness, healing & so much aloha. With every bar of soap, we hope these vibes are felt through the coconut wireless from our ohana to yours!